Tailored Solutions Microfinance (TSM) Limited was incorporated on 21st November 2013. It operated as a money lender till 15th October, 2014 when the Bank of Ghana granted the provisional licence to operate as a microfinance company and the perpetual licence was granted on 27th May, 2015 having met all regulatory requirements.

TSM is a growing microfinance institution operating within regulatory and statutory requirements. It has high calibre Board for good corporate governance, a highly qualified management team led by a very dynamic CEO and a dedicated workforce working together as a team to realize the objectives of the company.

The head office is located at Adenta Housing Down, behind the Mall.


Creating economic opportunities and improving lives


TSM believes that access to basic financial services can significantly augment economic opportunities and improve their lives. TSM is committed to creating a distribution network across underserved sections of society in order to provide easy access to the full portfolio of microfinance products and services. It also looks at using this network to add value to the lives of its members by providing quality goods and services that our members need at less than market rates.

Your Reliable financial Partner. Providing prompt solutions to your every need


Our Vision

To become the most reliable global financial services provider.


Our Mission

To delight our customers by attending to their needs promptly through the use of innovative and technological platforms while creating value for our stakeholders.


Our Values

  • Team work
  • Responsiveness
  • Innovation
  • Professionalism

Strong leadership team with proven ability, diverse experiences, backgrounds and world views


We have a strong leadership team with proven ability. Recruited for their expertise gained in the industry, our team of executive leaders has diverse experiences, backgrounds and world views.

Smart, with a wide range of experiences, competencies and perspectives


Here at Tailored Solutions, we are serious about surrounding ourselves with smart, experienced people who can help us grow our business and improve our processes. We seek to build and maintain a Board of Directors with a wide range of experiences, competencies and perspectives. And we look for people who are passionate about our current strategies, and can help us adapt them to our ever-changing markets and geographic and regulatory environments.

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