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Fixed Deposit

At Tailored Solutions Microfinance, we bring together all our creative and investment management talent to deliver a cutting-edge investment management services thereby creating value for our clients.      

We offer attractive interest rates on funds invested with us at a minimum of 5% above the prevailing 91-day Treasury bill rate which is very competitive for maximum returns at relatively lesser risk. Interest rates for fund placements are however, negotiable depending on the investment duration and funds available for the investment.

We have available fixed deposits for funds in 91,182 and 365-day maturities. Customers enjoy higher interest rates in return for leaving funds untouched for a pre- agreed time frame after which they may liquidate or roll over their investments. It is our priority to assist you to preserve the safety of the funds and to achieve superior returns on the investments.

Prior to each maturity of your fixed deposits, an interest rate and a duration for your investment shall be agreed upon to facilitate automatic roll over. We offer attractive interest rates on your fixed deposits.   


Flexi Investment

This is a type of flexible investment product which allow customers to make top up to their investment packages at an attractive rate.


  • Most competitive rates.
  • Flexibility
  • Secured investment for your funds.
  • Use investment as collateral to secure a loan.
  • Dedicated R.O.
  • Prompt payment assured.

Accrued Investment/interest can be used as a fixed deposit for more attractive rate


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