Lt. Col. Fiifi Deegbe


Fiifi is a product of University of Education, Winneba with qualification in B.Sc. I.T. He holds a Masters in International Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid; and a Masters in Defence and International Politics.  He is a career military officer who graduated from the Ghana Military Academy in the year 2001.


Fiifi has various professional and educational qualifications including psc from Ghana Armed Forces Command and Staff College; Masters in Strategic Intelligence and Leadership from the National Intelligence University, USA; German Armed Forces Infanterieschule; and GIMPA among others.

He is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Ghana Armed Forces and currently the Commanding Officer of the 64 Infantry Regiment. His work experiences includes UN Missions in South Sudan, Liberia, Lebanon, DR. Congo, and Sierra Leone amongst others.  He has served in various capacities including Chief Operations Officer, Deputy Director Operational Intelligence, Deputy Director Counter Intelligence, Company Commander and Intelligence Analyst among others.

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