Our Work

Since inception, Tailored Solutions Microfinance has provided opportunities for individuals to gradually lift themselves out of poverty. Microfinance serves as an important foundation for broader development, which includes improvements in health, education and social participation.

Our Clients have proven that with every loan disbursed, they gain greater control of their lives and help fulfill our mission.


Promoting financial inclusion, Changing Lives


To promote financial inclusion–ensuring that low-income individuals can access financial services to grow their businesses and improve their lives — TSM offer an array of microfinance services.

Personal Loans

This is a short term facility targeted at individuals who require short term finance to finance...

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Fixed Deposit

At Tailored Solutions Microfinance, we bring together all our creative and investment management...

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Flexi Investment

This is a type of flexible investment product which allow customers to make top up to their...

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Business Loan

This is a loan facility geared towards assisting our corporate clients finance the project, access...

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Salary Loans

This is a personal loan product available to all public and private sector workers who receive...

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Group Loans

This is a group based credit product where group members are automatic guarantors for each other....

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Savings Account

TSM Savings Account is a reliable account designed to help account holders build up funds and...

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Business Account

TSM Business Account is designed to help SMEs build up funds and provide appreciable returns...

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Offering customized financial advisory service


We pride ourselves in offering customized financial advisory service to our clients who seek some guidance in improving their lives and businesses.

Our financial advisory services are provided in the following categories:

Business Advisory Services 

Business advisory services are critical for our business clients who are always in need of expert guidance on how best to handle financial situations and various financial transactions. Whether you are an SME operator, a sole proprietor, or you run a partnership, our team of experienced and skilled financial advisors will give you free advice on challenges and opportunities you may be confronted with.

Personal Financial Advice 

Personal financial advice is most critical as many Ghanaians struggle to grow themselves out of financial dependence into a world of financial independence. Our customers benefit from regular engagements with experienced personal finance coaches who have over the years helped individuals and families grow their incomes and quickly get out of their financial challenges. 


Improving lives through economic development


The less previlleged have no access to financial services that they need. This financial exclusion leads to the creation of a society where there is lack of opportunity. They pay a premium of products and services due to this. Tailored Solutions aims to bridge this gap and bring the complete range of financial services to the doorsteps of its members. It also aims at adding value by using its network to distribute quality products and services that its Clients need.

We believe that the most important way to improve the lives of the poor is through economic development. It is the foundation on which other human development – such as education and health – can be built. At Tailored Soultions we are proud of improving the lives of our clients through microfinance, which in turn fosters economic development.

Clients are able to use the funds to make a better life for themselves and their families. This enables them to afford what they couldn't have otherwise afford to.

Within the microfinance sector, Tailored Solutions has been able to distinguish itself through its performance. We have successfully applied methods from the business world, such as the use of standardisation and automation, to build an organisation that leads the microfinance industry in a number of areas, including rapid growth, high quality service to our members, streamlined delivery, transparency and innovative products.

Tailored Solutions serves thousands of people across Ghana. We have achieved this milestone through an innovative combination of using a 'for profit' model, drawing on best practices from the business world and deploying technology. We are using the channel that we have created to provide a full range of financial services to our clients. By providing this range of economic tools, we are looking forward to poverty eradication.

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